Our Methods

Learn basic reading & writing of Chinese Characters as well as Hanyu Pinyin for N1,N2,K1 & K2.

CHINESE (N1, N2, K1, K2)

Develop listening & speaking skills through fun-filled language activities & games. Learn basic reading & writing of Chinese characters as well as Hanyu Pinyin. Gain appreciation & love for the Chinese language & culture through Tang poetry (唐诗) & fables (寓言故事)

P1 Preparatory for K2 that helps to give your child a head start with exposure to P1 Chinese Curriculum.


Establish good grounding in language & literacy skills for a smooth transition to Primary 1. Strengthen ability to read & write Chinese characters & Hanyu Pinyin. Get an early head start with exposure to P1 Chinese curriculum

Picture base character learning makes learning fun for Preschool students. 


Using a fun and visual way to make the thousands of characters easier to learn and remember by turning each of the character into a clever illustration that is meant to make a memorable impression on the learner.

Quality worksheets as materials for Preschool students


The material that we used includes Poetry 诗词, Character Strokes 笔画, Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音, Rhymes 儿歌, Riddles 谜语 and Tongue Twisters 绕口令.


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